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  Exposure:  Full Sun 
Color:  Evergreen
Category : Tropical
Sizes available: 3G, 7G



Beautiful, glossy green leaves provide lush, tropical appeal indoors, or
in the landscape in frost-free regions. It is an upright, bushy plant with
dramatic lobed leaves over a foot long that become even more deeply
divided as they mature, the foliage will be more lush when you grow it
in a high-humidity environment.
If used indoors, accommodate with ample bright light and consistent
moisture. These easy-care, leafy tropicals can also be grown as
perennials in some climates. They’ve long been the go-to starter plant
for beginners because they are very forgiving and adapt readily to
indoor environments.

Will tolerate low light, but grows faster and better in medium to bright
natural light or under fluorescent lighting. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight,
which can burn the foliage.

Water: when growing philodendron plants, allow the top inch (2.5 cm.) of
soil to dry out between waterings, Droopy leaves can mean that the plant
is getting too much or not enough water. But the leaves recover quickly
when you correct the watering schedule.

 * Plant installation warranty

-15 Day warranty on installation
-Warranty cost: 25% plant cost
                           50% Labor cost
-If lack of water, the warranty is null & void.