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Baseball Clay


A blend of sand and clay screened to a 1/4" minus size material that is used on baseball and softball fields.

We blend the material to your field specifications.

We supply schools, private league fields, and City of Houston Parks & Recreation fields.

If you have questions about your field, we can assist you in your field issues. 

Utilized by ASA fields and Pony League Baseball Fields. 

  • Finely crushed aggregate that has been proven to be a solid performer
  • Professional field look provided by its rich red color
  • Slide or dive without worry for player safety
  • Coating improves resiliency, slows the evaporation from your infield skin and speeds reentry
  • Available by bag or in bulk loads 


We can produce large size orders - we are able to produce in dry weather over 1,000 cubic yards per day.

All produce is delivered to your job site in a clean truck to eliminate contamination of the baseball clay. 

You can also pick up directly from our stockpile at Champion Landscape Supplies.

Truckload sizes consist of a 12 Cubic Yard dump truck or an 18 wheeler trailer of 18 Cubic Yards. 

Order minimum for Baseball Clay is 12CY or 18CY loads.