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Agave White Striped Century


  Exposure: Sun-Part sun Category : Cactus/Succulents Sizes available: 5G-15G   DESCRIPTION: It’s an evergreen perennial forming splendid rosettes of thick, gray-green leaves, each with a bright creamy- white central stripe. The fleshy leaves are armed with recurved spines along the edges and terminal spine. Mature plants are topped with a magnificent flower that can reach 15ft long. This plant can grow up...

Agave, Frosty Blue Whale's Tongue


  Exposure: Sun/ Part sun  Color: Greenish, Yellow Category : Cactus/ Succulents Sizes available: 3G, 30G   DESCRIPTION: Whale’s tongue Agave is a  perennial succulent with gray- blue organic shaped leaves. Adds texture, contrast and elegant style to your garden. The whale’s tongue agave should be planted in full sun or lightly filtered  shade. It is hardy to just below ten degrees Fahrenheit, and is tolerant of most  soils...

Aloe Rooikappie


  Exposure: Sun/ Part Shade Color: Yellow, Orange, Red Category : Succulent Sizes available: 1G 2G 5G   DESCRIPTION It is an upright plant with dark green foliage growing four to six feet tall with an equal spread. It has very attractive rosettes of lance-shaped, deep green leaves lined with long, translucent teeth along their edges. This aloe can be kept as a low rambler or...

Blue Chalk Fingers 4" Flat


  Exposure: Full Sun  Color: BLue/Green Category : Cactus/Succulents Sizes available: 4"    DECRIPTION: A small, low growing succulent, branching from the base and rooting along the stems to provide an easy care, attractive plant for warm sunny hillsides and yards. Powdery blue-green fleshy leaves provide year round interest, taking on purple tints in extreme heat and sun exposure. Overhead protection from trees, if...

Blue Glow Agave


  Exposure: Sun- Part sun Category : Cactus / Succulents  Sizes available:  1G - 7G - 15G    DESCRIPTION: Blue Glow is a hybrid that produces a glow-like appearance in bright sunlight. This stunning pant provides  contrast, structure, texture and color to your garden. It grows forming a single rosette with a clumping growth habit. This unusual plant offers wide, soft, spineless, bluish-green...

Dyckia, Burgundy Ice


  Exposure:  Sun/part sun Color:  Purple/Gray Category : Cactus/Succulents Sizes available: 1G, 2G   DESCRIPTION:  Looking and playing the part of succulents, Dyckias are actually a genus of the bromeliad family. Their love of sun, drought tolerance, and unique appearance often make people think they are succulents. But unlike true succulents, IT doesn’t store its own water in its leaves. Tolerant of extreme heat...

Echinocactus, Golden Barrel Cactus


  Exposure: Full Sun  Color:  Yellow Category : Cactus/Succulents Sizes available: 1G,3G,5G,10G     DESCRIPTION: A great addition to any dessert, succulent or xeriscape garden. Plant your Golden Barrel Cactus in mass for a dramatic, yet whimsical effect or set in groups amidst other drought tolerant succulent and cactus varieties. These stunning yellow globes will add an architectural interest to your garden or container...

Euphorbia, Crown of Thorns


  Exposure: Full Sun  Color: Red, Pink Category : Cactus/Succulents Sizes available: 1G   DESCRIPTION: Euphorbias are easy to grow perennial plants that are tough and have few problems. Popular for their richly colored leaves and unusual flowers, euphorbias are an excellent addition to borders, rock gardens, meadows and more. Euphorbias are also not picky about soils, and most can handle sandy and average...

Hesperaloe Parviflora / Desert flamenco


  Exposure: Full Sun  Color: Red Category : Flowering Succulent Sizes available: 1G   DESCRIPTION:  Also called red flower false yucca, this evergreen plant has summer-long color from showy red-pink blooms on sturdy, upright flower spikes. The shape and size uniformity on the foliage and bloom of this cultivar is a decisive asset to mass plantings where consistency is desired. Dense clumps of...

Portulaca, Purslane 4" Flat


  Exposure: Full Sun  Color:  Purple Category : Cactus/Succulents Sizes available: 4" Flat   DESCRIPTION: It is an evergreen succulent plant that forms a mound of freshy, narrowly oval and pointed blue-green leaves 2 to 6” long. From spring to fall, it produces a breathtaking display of brilliant magenta flowers along tall, slender stems above the evergreen foliage. Resistant to pests and diseases,...

Sanseveria, Mother-in-Law's Tongue


  Exposure: Filtered light /Partial to Full Sun Color:  Greenish-White Category : Tropical Flowering  Sizes available: 6" 3G 5G   DESCRIPTION: One old-school succulent enjoying a resurgence in popularity is Sansevieria, more commonly called snake plant because of its long, sinuous foliage. Not only is it one of the few succulents that do not require a sunny windowsill to thrive, it’s also one of...

Soft Leaf Yucca


  Exposure: Partial sun/Full sun  Color: White blooming Category : Cactus/Succulents Sizes available: 5G   DESCRIPTION: Sentinels of the southwestern deserts, yuccas are extremely drought tolerant, Evergreen and store water in their trunks or bulbous bases. Their foliage grows in rosette form either at ground level or on stalks, trunks or branches. Full sun. A lack of sunlight can cause spindly foliage growth...

Tall Cactus


Size : 51" x 17" Weight: 179 Lbs Ask for availability The products are made of natural materials and colorappearance may vary by degree of texture, size, shapeof area and lighting.