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Cordyline, Ti Plant


  Exposure: Partial Shade to Full Sun Color: Pink, White Category : Tropical Sizes available: 3G   DESCRIPTION: The good luck plant for your house or backyard! Ti plant is a bold houseplant with flamboyantly colored foliage. Also called cordyline, cabbage palm, or good luck plant, it's a perfect choice for adding a dash of style and drama to any well-lit room in your...

Trachycarpus, Windmill Palm


  Exposure:  Partial to Full Sun Color:  Yellow blooming Category : Palm Sizes available:  5G 15G 30G   DESCRIPTION:  Windmill Palm has an evergreen foliage is unique and attractive in winter. It is typically grown in organically rich, moderate fertile, moist and well drained soil in full sun to pat shade, but this palm is happier in part shade. We recommend to protect your...

Hibiscus Cherie


  Exposure: Flowering Tropical Shrub Color: Red, Yellow Category : Annual Sizes available: 1G 3G 15G    DESCRIPTION This handsome shrub displays bright, nearly fluorescent, golden yellow blooms all summer long. Adds an exotic, tropical look to the garden. Heat and sun-loving. A versatile plant that is ideal as a hedge, screen or background specimen. Well-suited to containers. A frost-tender evergreen. This plant...

Ananas, Pineapple


  Exposure:  Full Sun Color: Purple  Category : Flowering Tropical Sizes available: 6" 3G   DESCRIPTION:  Pineapples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. In tropical areas, they are grown both commercially for their excellent fruit and ornamentally as landscape plants. Outdoors, pineapple plants typically grow 3-4’ tall (leaves to 3’ or more and fruit to 1’ taller) and as wide. Stiff,...

Sanseveria, Mother-in-Law's Tongue


  Exposure: Filtered light /Partial to Full Sun Color:  Greenish-White Category : Tropical Flowering  Sizes available: 6" 3G 5G   DESCRIPTION: One old-school succulent enjoying a resurgence in popularity is Sansevieria, more commonly called snake plant because of its long, sinuous foliage. Not only is it one of the few succulents that do not require a sunny windowsill to thrive, it’s also one of...

Croton Variegatum


  Exposure: Part Shade Color:  Multicolor Category : Tropical Sizes available: 6" 3G, 7G   DESCRIPTION: Easily grown as an indoor houseplant or outdoor accent plant in well-drained, humusy soil. Plants need bright light for best leaf color, with some direct sun. May lose lower leaves in too much shade. It is a woody-based perennial that typically grows to 6’ tall.  Leaves are oval...



  Exposure:  Full Sun  Color:  Evergreen Category : Tropical Sizes available: 3G, 7G   DESCRIPTION: Beautiful, glossy green leaves provide lush, tropical appeal indoors, orin the landscape in frost-free regions. It is an upright, bushy plant with dramatic lobed leaves over a foot long that become even more deeply divided as they mature, the foliage will be more lush when you grow it...

Aucuba Japonica


  Exposure:  Partial to Full Shade Color:  Reddish-purple blooming Category : Shrubs Sizes available:  3G, 5G, 7G   DESCRIPTION: Aucuba Japonica is an evergreen shrub that grows 6 to 10 feet.tall with colorful, green and yellow-gold leaves as much as 8 inches  long. The flowers aren’t particularly ornamental, but attractive red berries replace them in the fall if a male plant...

Hibiscus Rosa (Patio Tree)


  Exposure: Full Sun  Color: Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, White Category : Tropical Sizes available: 3G, 7G, 15G DESCRIPTION:  Growth:  Hibiscus Rosa can reach 8 feet in height  and 1 to 4 feet in width. Wonderful used as an entry way focal point or brightening a sunny corner. Can be grown indoors in cold climates if given a bright location. For best results, plant...

Cordyline Fruticosa


  Exposure: Partial shade to Full sun Color:  White, Pink Category : Tropical  Sizes available: 1G,3G,5G,7G   DESCRIPTION: Popular house plant, evergreen, with lace-shaped leaves up to 30 inches long that are bright pink to the deepest burgundy, green and cream. It produces panicles of scented, small flowers in summer followed by red berries. Long, green and deep pink leaves offer a lush...

Ixora Coccinea


  Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade Color:  Red, Orange, Yellow Category : Tropical Shrub Sizes available: 1G 3G 7G   DESCRIPTION: A tropical beauty prized for its pompom clusters of hot pink flowers. With showy blooms that are present intermittently throughout the year, Ixora is a great addition to tropical landscapes and container gardens. Creates a showy informal hedge. In cooler regions,...

Tropical Water Lilies


Tropical Water Lilies blooms come in a wide array of colors including blue, purple, red, white, pink and even green. The flowers can appear to be placidly floating on the surface of the water, or they can  rise above the water’s surface.

Croton (Mammy)


  Exposure:  Part Shade Color:  Multicolor Category : Tropical Sizes available: 3G 7G   DESCRIPTION: Easily grown as an indoor houseplant or outdoor accent plant in well-drained, humusy soil. Plants need bright light for best leaf color, with some direct sun. May lose lower leaves in too much shade. Mami Crotons stand about 42” inches tall, making one of the smallest cultivars in the Codiaeum genus. Leaves...

Stromanthe, Tricolor


  Exposure: Partial shade Color:  Multicolor Category : Tropical Sizes available:  6"- 3G   DESCRIPTION:   This eye-catching family of tropical plants is known for its impressive, colorful, foliage. Along with its vibrant leaves, you will love watching the Broad, shiny  leaves that are arranged in fans burgundy-pink undersides of your Stromanthe  move towards the light—literally reaching for the stars as the...