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Palmetto SOD Pallet


Our PREMIER SHADE LOVING GRASS- If your area is covered by trees, or your neighbors house is so tall it blocks sunlight into parts of your landscape,
there is a specially grown turf that performs better in shady landscapes. PALMETTO

-Superior shade tolerant grass
-Heat and drought resistant
-Used for commercial and residential

We recommend you combine with JUST ADD RAIN
( A Hydro-Sand Which Allows You To Water Only Once A Week)



Your SOD will be delivered directly from our grass farm. Your pallet of SOD will be unloaded unto your driveway by forklift.

$100 Flat Fee Delivery for up to 18 Sod Pallets

Can other products be delivered with sod on the same truck?

NO, loose products like bulk mulch and topsoil would have to be delivered by a separate dump truck,
and an additional Delivery Free will be added based on your location




SOD Installation (includes rolling turf with lawn roller) - $99 PER EACH PALLET WE INSTALL.

Ground Preparation (1 hr minimum charge)
Ground has to be prepped and ready for grass to be put down for the above pricing.
If we have to prep ground for sod installation, a one hour minimum prep fee of $65 per pallet will be charged.