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Tropic Jar Fountain

  • Size: 
    Height 46" 
    Width 24"

  • Installation: We recommend a reservoir 4x4 ft for this fountain,
    this reservoir supports the fountain and holds the water over or
    in  the ground. This reservoir supports the fountain 
    and holds the water over or in  the ground where the water is pumped 
    from a hidden reservoir buried in the ground, through the fountain 
    piece and then seemingly disappears back into the ground.

  • Fountains Installation with Champion includes:
  • 4 X 4 Reservoir: 
    -Feature vessel Pot, Jar, Urn Feature size dictates Res Size
    -Reservoir 4’x4’ size 
    -Grate 2) 2’x4’
    -1200 GPH Pond master Pump
    -¾” Threaded Ball Valve
    -½ Cinder Block
    -3 Full Cinder Block
    -Appropriate River rock to cover Grate

  • Note: Pumps have 15’ Power Cords check your power requirements.

  • Ask for availability