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Sanseveria, Mother-in-Law's Tongue



  Exposure: Filtered light /Partial to Full Sun
Color:  Greenish-White
Category : Tropical Flowering 
Sizes available: 6" 3G 5G



One old-school succulent enjoying a resurgence in popularity is 
Sansevieria, more commonly called snake plant because of its long,
sinuous foliage. Not only is it one of the few succulents that do not
require a sunny windowsill to thrive, it’s also one of the best
houseplants for improving indoor air quality.

Today, there are more varieties than ever before, from short and
cylindrical to tall and elegant, with variegated leaves displaying streaks
of silver, gray, yellow, or white. Its leaves grow up to 4 ft long and 30
inches wide.

When grown indoors, they will seldom flower, but a mature plant may
surprise you by sending up a slender spike of small lily-like flowers.
The blooms are usually white or pale pink and very fragrant.

Because Sansevieria is a succulent, its leaves are thick in order to store
water, much like a cactus. Plants only need watering once every week
or two
, or whenever the soil feels dry.  If the leaves begin to turn yellow

or get soft and mushy at the base, that’s usually a sign of overwatering
and poor soil drainage.

Prune: Although it’s hard to kill one by underwatering, chronic neglect
can result in brown, crispy leaf tips. If the damage is unsightly or the leaf
dies completely, simply cut the entire leaf off at the soil surface.
If you prune off only part of a leaf, it will not regenerate from the cut point.

 * Plant installation warranty

-15 Day warranty on installation
-Warranty cost: 25% plant cost
                           50% Labor cost
-If lack of water, the warranty is null & void.