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Sabal, Texas Palmetto Palm



  Exposure:  Full Sun to Partial Shade
Color:  White blooming
Category :  Palm
Sizes available: 30G 5Ft 10Ft



Sabal Palmetto is an elegant evergreen palm with a single trunk and full,
round canopy of costa-palmate. In the landscape, it is noted for its
excellent winter hardiness and tropical appearance.

Growth:  Fan shaped, this palm can reach 6 feet in length , However if  it
grows with an upright habit up to 40 to 50 ft tall. huge deeply-divided
palmate leaves (each 1-5’ tall and wide) It is typically grown in organically
rich, moderately fertile, evenly moist but well-drained soils in full sun to
part shade. Best performance is in part shade. Site in protected locations
that are sheltered from winter winds.

The dark purple fruit is showy and attractive to wildlife. Difficult to transplant
after its a foot tall because of its large root system. The trunk doesn't begin
to appear until the tree is at least 10 years old. Use this native palm to add a
tropical look to your landscape.

Water: It grows in moist, well drained soils and its drought tolerant once
established, needs average watering on the roots.