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Roof Sealant Deposit


Adding 5 more years to the life to your Asphalt Shingles

After we clean your roof then we can apply a sealant over the top and this sealant stops all the grit that falls off the shingles from washing down when it rains and it protects the roof from ultraviolent radiation from the sun. It is like putting sun tan lotion on your roof to extend the life expectancy of the roof by another 5 years.

The sealant is applied after we have cleaned the roof ,otherwise the dirt and grime will be locked in place after application of the sealant. The sealant is clear in color and upon drying gives your roof another 5 years of life expectancy.

Cost for this service for a 1500 sq ft house is an additional fee of $750 or $0.50 per sq.ft.