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Pentas Grafitti 4" Flat



  Exposure: Full Sun 
Color: Red, White
Category : Perennial
Sizes available: 4"Flat



It is a tropical woody-based perennial or subshrub that grows 3-6’ tall in
its native habitat, and typically to 1-2’ tall in beds or containers. 
As perennial it could provide nearly year-round color, it also attracts
butterflies and hummingbirds.

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates
part shade, but best flowering in full sun. Best in organically rich, fertile

During the growing season, water regularly (allow soils to dry somewhat
between waterings) and feed monthly. To overwinter, bring pots/containers
inside before first frost to a bright, cool (59-50°F) location and reduce

Cuttings may also be taken from favorite plants in late summer for
overwintering. Also, may be grown as a houseplant in a sunny room with
high humidity.

A showy choice for season-long vivid color in the landscape. A frost-tender
perennial in warm winter regions; treat as an annual elsewhere. Perfect
addition to beds and borders. Mediterranean gardens and containers.

 * Plant installation warranty

-15 Day warranty on installation
-Warranty cost: 25% plant cost
                           50% Labor cost
-If lack of water, the warranty is null & void.