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  • LOWER COST irrigation system

  • A two zone programmable hose bib timer

  • 9 sprinkler heads

  • FREE AquaGreen with your installation

  • 2 year warranty

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Product Details

-This system uses your outside bib to irrigate both your front lawn and back lawn areas.

-Your indoor water piping is protected with the backflow preventers installed with the Champion Irrigation Kit.

-A two-zone programmable hose bib timer allows front and backyards to be on a timer to irrigate your lawn areas.

-We will install sprinkler heads allowing you to irrigate all of your back, front & side lawn grass.
 you can add more heads to your system for each additional sprinkler head an additional fee of $85)

-This is a LOWER COST irrigation system because we are NOT tapping into your water meter but instead using your outside hose bib.

-We incorporate Free AquaGreen with your installation, this humectant liquid when applied to the grass areas with no irrigation heads pulls moisture from the atmosphere keeping the lawn with plenty of water from the humidity in the air.

Upgrade to Wifi Timer:

You can upgrade to Wi-Fi mode Hose that allows you to water at specific times and specific durations. It makes all adjustments so you never over water, underwater or waste precious water. With real-time online weather information, your smart hose watering timer is constantly updated so it always delivers perfect watering giving more water when it’s warmer to keep your plants and grass hydrated and less water when it’s cool to keep them thawed.  It typically gets a full year on just 2 AA batteries.


You will have a two-year warranty that the system will not have any issues with operation. If you break a sprinkler head, this is not covered by the warranty. If you need to dig up the system or modify your landscape and the underground piping is damaged this is not covered by warranty.

How the Sprinkler Installation Process Works at Champion

Start by selecting an Installation Date.

After we receive your installation order one of our Champion representatives will call you to confirm the date you selected.

For most residential irrigation systems, installation can be done in one business day.

Delivery, Irrigation system materials and installation are included.

After installation of the new sprinkler system, we set your watering schedule. Your technician will explain how the entire system works, how to control it and how to make changes in the future.

We make sure each client is confident on how to operate their new system before we leave your home.

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