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Magnolia, D.D. Blanchard



  Exposure:  Full Sun to Partial Shade
Color:  White blooming
Category :  Evergreen Flowering Tree
Sizes available:  15G 30G  45G 65G 100G



This stunning dense evergreen Magnolia tree has a powerful fragrance and can be the protagonist in your garden. It has a straight trunk and pyramidal to rounded crown. We do not recommend planting it in extreme dry or polluted areas. Magnolia Tree requires ow maintenance.

Growth:  It grows up to 80 feet in height and 50 feet in wide and its leaves can be 10 inches long. Easy grown in organic and moist neutral to acid and well-drained soils.

Flowering: Fragrant white flowers usually have six petals. Blooming occurs in late spring, with sparse continued flowering throughout the summer. Flowers give way to spherical cone-like fruiting clusters that mature in late summer to early fall, releasing individual rose-red coated seeds suspended on slender threads at maturity.

Water: Medium to high frequency.  Trees will need twice weekly watering if the temperature remains at 80 to 90 degrees, and over 90 degrees will require three or more water applications a week

Pruning:  It in not a complicated process, we recommend just to remove damaged or crossing shoots. If you need an specific pouring, we suggest doing it after blooming during growing season as this tree does not heal very easy.