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Drainage Lawn Swale

Drainage Lawn Swale ( no drain boxes) – uses slope and gravity

Drainage Lawn Swale is the most affordable  as we are only creating small channels in the lawn then allow water to drain into the swale and move to the desired location to maneuver the water; works in  60% of projects. Swales are simply a shallow ditch (or shallow drainage ditch) that is used to carry off water. A drainage swale is often so wide and so shallow that you may not notice it.
We make a small rock walkway and let the water drain into the low spot and be channeled out to the discharge location.

Swale Uses
  • Guide water away from homes and roadways
  • Direct water to gardens
  • Prevent flooding
  • Capture rain water for reuse

Lawn Swale Prices start at $250 and can be as high as $1,500 dependent if it is only grass or if it is walkway where we need to add rock into the landscape.
If interested place a payment for the minimum size package of $250 and upon final completion of job the balance of project will be due.