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Crape Myrtle Tree / Lagerstroemia




  Exposure: Full Sun 
Color:  Pink, Purple, Red, White
Category : Tree
Sizes available: 30G



Growth:  Crape Myrtle Standard single and multi-trunk trees can
grow to 20 to 30 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide, quickly growing
up to 3 feet per year.

Flowering: Crape Myrtle flowers can be found  in saturated pink,
magenta, purple or white, add an unexpected pop of color at a time
of year when most shrubs and trees have finished blooming.
Bloom occurs from July to September and berries follow.
Leaves appear late in spring, once temperatures are consistently warm.

Water: Summer watering is important for good flowering and
growth  a soaker hose, used once a week for 45 minutes is ideal.
We do not recommend to plant it or watering it  in sites that are
soggy during rainy months. On many Crepe Myrtle tree varieties,
the leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall. These interesting trees
and bushes also display attractive crepe myrtle bark in the wintertime.

Pruning: trim off the top 2′ or 3′ feet of your branches just before
spring. Do this carefully with loppers or pruners rather than using
an electric trimmer. Cutting smoothly along the stem, crotch or trunk
presents a prettier silhouette and helps protect your tree from incursion
by disease. The best time to trim crepes in is late winter or early spring.