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Just Add Rain (1 gallon)


Hydro-Sand is installed PRIOR to laying the new sod. It holds up to
12 times its weight in water!

When applied to the soil before laying the new sod, it will capture and hold
in place moisture at the turf root zone for days allowing you to immediately
reduce your water requirements by 50% - 70%

If you want to add extra help to your new turf, water it for 10 days to help
it to develop a strong root system
. After this time JUST ADD RAIN will start

to save water costs.

  • One 13 pound Container of JUST ADD RAIN covers 450 sq. ft. and
    holds 18 Gallons of water.
  • Just Add Rain reduces watering by 50%
  • Lasts 10 yrs, requires water once a week for 15 minutes

Buy one-gallon bucket per one pallet of sod