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Hang-A-Garden Basket


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Champion Hang-A-Garden Basket 12" (includes chain)
Hang-A-Garden hanging baskets are fantastic DIY project that allow for
planting on the top and the sides of your favorite flower or vegetable plants.
Easy, fuss-free planting makes changing your plantings easier than ever.
Create professional results with ease. Plant strawberries, herbs, peppers
and more! Great for small space gardening.
Hang-A-Garden is made from 100% recycled resins and UV protected to be
used season after season, year after year. Made In The USA.
Removable side panels allow for up to 4" plugs to be planted for quicker
turnaround times. 
Includes chain


  • For Growing Hanging Strawberries, Veggies, Herbs, and Flowers with
    Big Results
  • Side Planting For A Fuller Balanced Basket and Up To 6 Times More
    Plants -
    Keeps Your Garden Away From All The Ground Pests.
  • Simple: Plant it. Pop It. Hang It. - Tabs Pop In To Secure The Plants In Place.
  • Durable And Made To Last - Stop Replacing Straw Planters Every Year
  • Used By Both Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners;
  • Color: Gray / Diameter: 12" / Vol: 7.5 Quarts Per Planter / Depth: 6";
    Made In USA
You’ve probably noticed hanging baskets that seem to be completely covered
with flowers and may  have wondered “How do they do that?”  The quick
answer is that they don’t just plant the top of the container – they insert
plants into the sides of the basket!
To make that easy, this black, plastic hanging basket has eight holes in the
sides through which to insert plants. And at 14 inches wide, our Champion
planter can handle a lot of plants, making it easy to quickly grow a “flower ball”
that’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Champion Hanging Basket can easily handle 10 to 12 plants
Planting Champion's Hanging Basket
To prevent plants from falling out of the basket, Champion's Hanging Basket
uses 8 plastic inserts that partially cover the holes in the sides of the basket,
leaving just enough room for plant stems to emerge without being crushed.
These inserts are easy to remove and install.

To remove an insert, place both thumbs on the basket just above the center
of the insert (on the outside of the basket) and push inward. Don’t worry – you
won’t break it. Just push until the basket bends under your thumbs and the
insert will fall out.

The inserts of Champion Hanging Basket are easy to remove
Remove the inserts before adding potting mix and plants; if you try to remove
them afterward, it’ll be difficult to bend the pot enough to pop out the inserts.
Add potting mix to just underneath the holes and push your plants in through
the holes, roots first.

Push your plants into the holes from the outside, roots first
Replacing the insert is just as easy. Put the bottom in place around the neck of
the plant (from the inside of the container) and then push the top into place. You’ll
hear a “snap” as it locks in position. Be careful not to crush the plant as you do this.
After the inserts are in place, simply fill up the rest of the container and plant a
few more flowers in the top.

Snap the inserts in place around plant stems
Does It Really Cover the Whole Basket?
The holes in the basket sides are intended to allow you to fit more plants into the planter and have it quickly cover the entire planter. Whether or not that happens depends on what you plant. Vigorous, quick-growing, trailing plants will work
best (for example, sweet potato vine, some petunias, bacopa, calibrachoa).
Because the holes are set low in the basket, We recommend putting fast-growers
in the top of the basket so that they will drape over the sides. The basket itself
isn’t particularly attractive so you’ll want to use plants that will grow quickly to
hide the basket.