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French Drain

French Drain and French drain with drain boxes

French Drain is better than a Swale only because you are removing  the water  to a lower soil layer from the use of  aggregate allowing the water to percolate to the lower soil layers and sometimes  with the use of perforated piping.

  • The most common problem with French drains is root intrusion; we use a filter fabric as a preventative measure to help keep roots out of the system.
  • When installing a French drain under a driveway or road, we use heavy duty structural corrugated drain pipe, not the stuff from the big box stores which can collapse if a truck drives over it.
  • We also bury our French drains at least 12”-18” deep to avoid collapse.


French Drain Average Cost is $25 per linear foot . Minimum size order is 25 linear feet or $625.00 minimum size job.
If interested, place a deposit of $625 and upon completion the balance still owed will be collected