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  Exposure: Partial/ Full Shade 
Color: Red, Green
Category : Annual

Sizes available: 1G, 2G, 3G

The sheer assortment of colors, shapes and textures available makes
coleus a much appreciated plant for containers, beds and borders.
Coleus plants are Heat and sun-tolerant varieties are widely available, 
making them a popular choice for many areas, and their bold and
beautiful foliage make them the center of attention no matter where
they are planted. Easy-to-grow, although technically an evergreen perennial, coleus are usually grown as annuals because these tender
tropical can’t handle even the slightest frost.
Plant coleus seeds indoors, 8 to 12 weeks before last frost date.
Transplants should only be planted long after the danger of frost has
passed, and soil has warmed to at least 60 degrees. Any amount of frost
will damage coleus plants
Water regularly. Coleus are thirsty plants, so keep the soil moist.
However, avoid overly damp soil, as this can cause leaf drop.
We recommend using self-watering containers.

 * Plant installation warranty

-15 Day warranty on installation
-Warranty cost: 25% plant cost
                           50% Labor cost
-If lack of water, the warranty is null & void.