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Bismarck Palm



  Exposure: Full Sun 
Color:  Silver- green
Category : Palm
Sizes available: 3G 7G 30G 65G



Brismak Palm is an evergreen palm native from Madagascar with fan shaped blue frond, thick trunk, beautiful and unique rounded head. It is a dioecious specie what means female and male plants. Easy to care with an exceptional tolerance of high, dry and desert areas.

Growth: Trunk can reach 12” to 18” inches in diameter while head can reach up to 4 feet in wide. Bismarck Palm can be pruned at any time of the year, but only completely dead leaves should be removed. We do not recommend to cut the leaves that are partially dead.

Flowering: Small and brown flowers can be seen in spring or summer, on female plants, flowers can eventually develop into a brow fruit.

Watering: Water the soil around the base of the trunk, supplying moisture directly to the root system.

We do not recommend to transplant this palm due to its size and root system vulnerability.