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Azomite Micronized



AZOMITE offers an organic, sustainable solution by adding minerals to depleted

Minerals can increase the capacity to withstand drought and temperature
fluctuations, ultimately improving the nutrient content and yields of the food

Improves root systems, yields, and overall plant vigor in a variety of field crops
and garden vegetables.

Azomite is mined from a mineral-rich volcanic ash deposit and contains
over 67 trace elements essential to plants.

Micronized is ideal for:

  • Adding to the soil or water in hydroponic systems
  • Blending into soil mixes
  • Formulations of agricultural and horticultural nutrient products
  • Irrigation system injection with agitation
  • Greenhouse potting soil and fertilizer
  • Home gardens
  • Potted plants


Azomite contains: 

  • Soluble Potash 0.2% 
  • Calcium 1.8% 
  • Magnesium 0.5% 
  • Chlorine 0.1% 
  • Sodium 0.1%


Home use:

Vegetable & Flower Gardens: Apply 1/2 lb per 100 square feet or 1/2 lb per 200
ft of a linear row in a 6″ wide band.

Trees, Fruit trees, Grape Vines, Ornamentals and Shrubs, etc.: Add 1/2 lb. to
1 lb. to the soil around each plant and lightly till or water/irrigate into the soil.

Lawns: Apply 2-3 lbs per 1,000 square feet once a year in the Spring, Fall or
Winter. This equals 20-30 lbs/10,000 square feet.

House Plants and Flowers: Mix 1/2 teaspoon per inch of pot diameter with potting
soil before planting. Apply ½ to 1 teaspoon every three months to the soil surface
of the soil and water in.

Greenhouse and Potting Soil: Add 7 -10 lbs per cubic yard of potting soil, and
add to the irrigation water when possible, on a weekly basis, at a low rate.

Compost: Add 5-10 lbs per 200 lb of compost added at the beginning of
the compost cycle.

Hydroponics: Add AZOMITE to the irrigation water assuring there is adequate
agitation, screen and nozzle sizes, and foliar sprays, and potting soil, as per
above rates.

Note: This product is not water-soluble and requires agitation when
used in irrigation, spray applications, etc.