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The Best Shade Tolerant Grass

St. Augustine Sod

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Frequently Asked Questions
+ How Much Will a Pallet Cover?

Pallet: 150 Pieces - 50 Square Yards = 450 Sq.ft

Pieces: 16" x 24" (1 Piece = 2.7 Sq.ft)

+ What is the delivery fee?

$100 Flat Fee Delivery for up to 18 Sod Pallets.

( Your SOD will be delivered directly from our grass farm. Your pallet of SOD will be unloaded unto your driveway by forklift. )

+ What is the Installation Fee?

$99 Per Each Pallet We Install- includes rolling turf with lawn roller

* If we have to prep ground for sod installation, prep fee of $65 per pallet will be charged.- ( We will remove all weeds, grass, rocks and sticks, then level for drainage. )

+ How much Sod will I need?

To determine how much sod is needed, you will need to find out the length and width of the area you need sodded.

With a tape measure, determine the area of your planned lawn by measuring to get your length and width. Multiply the length by the width to get square foot area.