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18 Inch Stackable Planter Set (Stone)

Includes: (5) 18 Inch Stackable Planters - Total Soil Volume 64 Quarts

• A Simple Space Saving Garden Solution: Plant & Stack
• Grow More Healthy Organic Fruits/Veggies/Flowers @ Home
(Strawberries, Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs, Greens, Green Beans, Beets...)

• Smart & Efficient: Watering The Top Pot Will Self Water The
Tiers Below. Take Care Of 20 Plants By Watering 1 Pot

• Mr Stacky Proudly Made In The USA - Food Safe - UV Protected
(5) 18 Inch Diameter Large Stackable Planters - 64 Quart
Like any high-quality stacking planter, it has a drip-down system that
allows you to water the top of the stack and have water evenly distributed
to all 20 planters.
Made in the USA, this planting system is best used with a breathable soil 
like Golden Garden or Premium Garden Mix.
Mr. Stacky can be used indoors or outdoors, and it creates a great focal point.