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Screen Enclosure Cleaning


Screen enclosures enable you to bring the outdoors in without fretting about insects and also various other pests entering, yet they could definitely become dirty with the accumulation of dust, dirt, greenery as well as pests. Get your screen enclosure back to its peak efficiency and look.


We use a soft washing system to deliver the highest level of clean without negatively impacting your property. Screening is a delicate surface and shouldn’t be exposed to high pressure washing technology. Our service protects the material and enhances its appearance with a low pressure cleaning alternative.

We use cleaning products that are formulated to be tough on buildup. They kill spores, break down dirt buildup, and deliver the “deep clean impact” your screening needs to last season after season.

With this professional service from Champion, your favorite outdoor areas – pool enclosures, patios, and screened porches – will be ready to receive all of the beautiful weather on the forecast.

If you are already using our services on the roof or house , then the fence is $0.45 per sq. ft.

Place a deposit of $450.00 and balance of any extras will be due at completion of job.