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Facts About Playground Mulch

Facts About Playground Mulch

common question from people is “What’s so special about playground mulch?” Playground mulches are specially designed mulches for kid’s play areas. We promise, they are not marked up for the sole purpose of taking advantage of well-meaning parents’ fears.

You have to remember the main purpose of mulch — it’s a weed barrier, moisture holder, and easy-to-maintain ground cover. That’s all. And because of that simple definition, mulches can be made out of nearly anything, and the pieces can be of any size or shape.

But when you expect to use mulch in an area where children will be playing, there are many other considerations. Will the surface be firm and not spongy so that kids can keep a good footing? Will it be soft enough for when they fall? Will it cause splinters? Is it totally free from any debris or pesticides if they put it in their mouths? These issues require a customized solution.

Our Playground Chips are a certified Safety Surface for playgrounds. These finely shredded wood chips are made from hardwoods like oak, hickory, maple, eucalyptus, locust, beech, ash, birch and poplar. The tight grain of hardwoods helps prevent splinters.

This playground mulch drains well, and is free of any twigs, soil, or leaves that will accelerate the decomposition process, and of course there are no additives, dyes, or chemical treatments. The chips are light yellow and clean looking. They meet ASTM standards for particle size, impact attenuation and flammability.

Things to Know Before You Order Playground Mulch

Part of the reason for playground mulch is to protect from falls. If your play area is has a trampoline, slide, swing set, or any other equipment your child might fall from, you will want the mulch to be at least nine inches deep. For this to be feasible, you may need to dig out soil and build walls or barriers for your play area. Doing this will ensure the safety of your offspring, and protect the investment you make in their play area.

To estimate how much you will need, take the linear dimensions of your play area: For example, 20 feet by 30 feet, or 600 square feet. Multiply that by the depth you want to achieve (9 inches, or .75 feet) to get 450 cubic feet. Then divide those cubic feet by 27 (the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard) to get the number of yards you will need to order. In this example, about 17 cubic yards.

If you have more questions about playground mulch, or to order some for delivery, give us a call at (281) 558-9948.

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